Welcome to the COMESA Plant Variety Catalogue

The objective of the COMESA Variety Release System is to encourage investment in seed business in the COMESA Member States, to enhance access to new and existing varieties in the COMESA Member States, and to stimulate the breeding and availability of seed varieties resulting in increased variety choices for all farmers.

This website allows plant breeders/ seed developers to register varieties in the COMESA Catalogue and seed users to find varieties which can be legally commercialized among the 20 COMESA countries.

Seed users can select varieties adapted to their Agro-Ecological Zones, with short technical descriptions.
For more detailed descriptions or orders, they will find commercial contact references associated to each variety.

Plant breeders who want to apply for regional registration of a variety fulfilling the COMESA Variety Release System requirements have to create a breeder’s account in the restricted access area.

National Seed authorities will also have access to the varieties database through the restricted area.

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