Filing an application

To file an application for the registration of a variety in the Regional COMESA Variety Catalogue the applicant has to be located in one of the Comesa countries or will have to be represented by an agent located in one of the COMESA countries.

The candidate variety has to be released in two COMESA countries before application for registration in the Regional COMESA Variety Catalogue.

Applications for varieties already released in one COMESA country before establishment of the Regional COMESA Variety Catalogue will be accepted provided that they will be released in a second country after one season of VCU testing.

You can apply for registration using an application form, which can be downloaded or found at your National Seed Office, or directly on-line. On-line application is strongly recommended.

The person in charge of variety registration on behalf of a company will have first to create an account in line (see section “login” or “Filing an application”), or on request to the COMESA Seed Office (SCO). This account will be validated after the reception by the COMESA Seed Office (CSO) of a letter bearing the letterhead of your company, signed by a legal representative, and attesting that the person is authorized to apply for COMESA varieties registration.

The letter has to be sent to CSO secretariat address.

After having filed the registration form, the applicant will have to pay the registration fees, the 1st year of annual fees to the COMESA Seed Office (CSO), and the information transfer fees to the National authorities of the 2 countries where the variety has been released.
The application will be processed by CSO after reception of the due payment.

Once a variety is registered in the regional catalogue, an annual fee will have to be paid in order to maintain the variety on the catalogue.

Tariff of fees (June 2015) :

Registration fees:
$ 400.00
Transfer fees per country:
$ 300.00
Annual fees:
$ 200.00

Non-refundable, even in case of rejection of the variety.